Shut Those Gadgets Down To Save Energy and Money

Shut down Your computer at home, Wireless Router, cell phone chargers, Game box, TV, Cable modems, for that matter, any device that consume electricity, shut them down if you are not using them.  As they consume quite significant power and cost you a lot. Not only that if you power them down, you save its life time as well, so they work longer.

I always try to shut all electronic devices down when I am not using. Some of them take about 30 sec to a minute to come up on restarting, but its okay to wait, rather than paying hefty price for electricity.

Gadget electricity costs: a high or low bill is your “CHOICE”
CHOICE has exposed what mothers the world over know – leaving devices on, even if they’re in standby mode, still chews up power, with the shocking news that some video games consoles can use a lot more power than much larger appliances – five times more than a “medium-sized fridge”. The example given is that the PS3 uses nearly AUD $250 of electricity in a single year if left on constantly but not used, with the Xbox 360 not far behind. Presuambly, if the consoles ARE used, which is usually what you buy a console for, you’d use even more electricity, making your yearly electricity bills grow even larger.

( Picture Credit: miss_rogue@Flickr )


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