PBS: India Rising - Globalization and the Middle Class

PBS Show on rising Indian middle class, features a fresh look at what is changing in India and how the mind set is inclined towards 'buy what you want' rather than traditional 'buy what you need'.  You can watch the video of the program online.

The global middle class is expected to swell by more than 1 billion people over the next decade, with the biggest increases in China and India. While millions are being lifted out of poverty as a result, the booming middle class is also consuming more global resources. As a result, prices for everything from steel to gasoline to food are soaring.

India Rising - Globalization and the Middle Class . NOW on PBS


aditya said…
I donâ??t think it would be right to blame the Indian middle class for increase in oil prices globally! There are a lot of other factors that have lead to that. But yes, I agree that the middle class is growing rapidly which I think is great. Donâ??t we all have an equal right to the worldâ??s resources?
Man thinks he is the master of all he surveys! There is another power that is invisible and doing all these. It is high time we reconcile to this and do everything in moderation and hope for the best.

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