Be Accountable, Do Your Part And Set High Expectations

Yet another impressive and very well resonating speech on Father's day by Obama.

I loved the way he attempted some of the most sensitive topics and rejected the 'common wisdom' : what it takes to be a father, setting high expectations for ourselves and for kids, the craze about graduation of everything and doing our own job to get where you want to go and the mantra of obama, where change should start.


Kathy said…
As a fellow Toastmaster I have to tell you Obama has some of the worse speech habits I have ever seen. Yes, he does read well, but unscripted speeches are NOT his strongest asset. I watched the "Civil" understanding last night, and in the first 15 minutes I counted dozens of "and-ums", "ummms", etc. As you well know Toastmasters looks very poorly on a person who can't master their thought processes and resorts to the use of these "tics" or connectors to fill up air space! Also, while I am talking about Obama and unscripted speeches, his eye contact is "iffy" and he stutters awful! Don't believe me, go watch just the first 15 minutes, observe his closed eyes and count the number of times he starts a sentence with the first word repeated 2 or 3 times.

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