Adobe - Rich Internet Apps, absolutely Free!

You must have heard the online version of the coveted Photoshop, the Photoshop Express. Here is the good news. Some more on your way. Real 'Rich Internet Applications' finally arrived, much to my delight, absolutely Free.

Adobe - Work. Together. Anywhere.

A truly rich Word processor, a web conference solution (with integrated Audio/video support) and a 5GB online file storage service. All absolutely free. Did you try Photoshop express yet?

Really Rich Word Processor, Adobe Buzzword

When there was lots of hype that web based word processors will take over desktop versions like MS Word, I argued, unless word processors go Flash based to provide rich and fast interaction, there is now way users in general embrace web based word processors.

Well Adobe brings a web based Word processor called Adobe Buzzword. Its pretty cool, supports a huge font set, allow collaboration and document sharing and of course you can convert the document to PDF file.  The editing itself is so better than other online word processors.


Adobe ConnectNow to all your Conference Needs 

Forget about expensive Webex. Here is a free alternative that has everything you ever wanted in a Web Conference software, absolutely Free. Share your desktop, no need to setup a separate conference bridge, it is built with Audio support so you can talk right away just in seconds. Share your files, chat with attendees, explain using a white board. If that is all you ever wanted, what about the video of You on the conference. You can just use a webcam and put yourself on the conference. I just tried a simple meeting, I just love it.

Just one huge catch: Free version only supports 3 participants.  3 is too low for a conference, at least for me.

A 5GB File Vault also provide a 5GB file storage for all your documents. Fantastic.

If you are on the net recently, you must not have missed, the online Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Express that comes with its own 2GB storage for all your images. So finally the web collaboration is taking place, big at Adobe.

Adobe - Work. Together. Anywhere.


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