How 'Commerce' changes everything about News?

At my Toastmasters' club and every other social gathering, I always mention (sometimes, I almost preach or fight) in one way or the other, why we need to pick and choose our own news, news that makes real difference to our career or personal life or something we are so passionate about.  And why we must exclude or reject completely the news that could be sensational or publicized by media companies, but never make any sense to you or your life.

In other words, you decide what news is really news for you and what news is sensational for you and what news you really can't miss out.

Watch this TED video, the statistics will tell you the real story behind the scenes and how elegantly speaker summarizes in one simple line, why Media houses make Britney on the street, the news that could never miss.


TED | Talks | Alisa Miller: Why we know less than ever about the world (video)

Best way to take control of your life, stop watching TV and stop listening to Radio where broadcasting happens as per THEIR Plan, without any concern for your interests. And go with on demand programming. You pick what you need. Use online Programs. RSS Feeds. Email alerts. Even better. You have complete choice of when to stop and when to start. Most important and valuable one is you can pick what you want.


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