H1B 2009 : Lottery Drawn For H-1B Petitions

USCIS announced today that  it conducted the two phased Random Selection process to pick H1B petitions. If you have filed for premium processing, you should hear a decision in 2 weeks from today. If not, you should hear no later than 2nd June.

As previously mentioned, USCIS mentioned that it will short list little more than mandated cap of 65000 + 20000. Read more about  the waiting list in USCIS original update.

USCIS conducted two random selections, first on petitions qualifying for the 20,000 “master’s or higher degree” (advanced degree) exemption, and second on the remaining advance degree petitions together with the general H-1B pool of petitions, for the 65,000 cap. 

USCIS Update (26KB PDF)

USCIS Runs Random Selection Process For H-1B Petitions


Madhuri said…

since last year i'm applying for H1-B but i'm not selected in the random selection. i have a masters degree. people without degree are applying and they are selected. i don't know anything like what is happening in the selection. can you please check this and inform me. i don't have any option rather than suicide. i'm wasting money and time.
korikov said…
When is the lottery result of H1B-2009 Visa be announced. Can someone write me at korikov_z@yahoo.com

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