H1B 2009 : Day 1 of 5 Will 2007 repeat in 2008?

Today is the first day USCIS will accept applications for H1B for year 2009 that will begin from October 2008. Will the same drama that we saw in 2007 repeat this year?

Well we must wait and see.

As I mentioned earlier,  Applications will be accepted for 5 days, even if the cap is reached on day 1.

April 1, 2008 is the first day petitions may be received for an October 1, 2008 start date.  When it is determined that the numerical limitations have been reached, USCIS employs a random selection process to choose among the petitions received on the “final receipt date.”  If the “final receipt date” falls within any one of the first five business days, the random selection will be run using all the cap-subject petitions received on those five days.


Miguel said…
M.B.A news:

I have an MBA and noticed that the Extending Period of Optional Practical Training by 17 Months for F-1 Nonimmigrant Students only with STEM degrees. What about MBAs ????

MBAs we can submit our comments to the Department fo Homeland Security to review this interim rule.
Here is the information:
I talked with my international advisor so that he can also submit and help us.

I do not if it works, but we can try.

Rehan Munir said…
Hi, my company applied for 3 people, 2 people got receipt on 8th MAY 2008, I have not received any notification yet. My attorney said it seemed my application was not selected randomly because he has not heard any notification till 14th MAY 2008.
Is this correct that it gets delayed it means lesser are the chances my application has been selected. Is that true USCIS always notifies firstly to all who have been then in last weeks of MAY 2008 to those who have not been selected/rejected. As I know 2nd June 2008 is the last date. Kindly help me in this regard.
Rajesh said…
My company is applied for H!B for me. i heard that june 2nd is last date for application numbers. Till today i didn't get any updated information from my company. They are telling that upto September we will get Application numbers.
can I belive them?? Plz help me..!!!

Eagerly waiting for reply

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