H1B 2009: How Much Does A H1B Cost? (File By Apr 1 2008)

If you are wondering how much a H1B will cost for an organization, USCIS has offered the details of H1B filing fees for H1B 2009. Applications will be accepted from 1st of April, 2008. ( just 33 more days... look at the count down timer at the top of the page)

>>  Link to USCIS Page

Base Filing Fee : $320

ACWIA Fee: $750 (1-25 Employees) or $1500 (more than 25 Employees)

Fraud Fee: $500

Premium Processing: $1000

Note that these are the fees to be paid to USCIS. Many organizations will incur other expenses towards the filing like Attorney fees.

USCIS has also offered helpful information for Organizations that are looking to file for H1B petitions this year.

Though many are expecting a similar rush as in last year, going by the initial indications from top consulting companies, we may not see such a mad rush this year.  Last year this time, many firms did not accept any new application beyond February. But this year, firms are still looking out for prospective Professionals.


Marc Topoleski said…

Great blog. I am pleased to see your informative, accurate posts on immigration topics, especially the H-1B cap.

In our experience (as I'm sure you'll agree), we have found that few other immigration topics are surrounded by as much controversy, misinformation and constantly changing information as the H-1B Cap – especially given last year's events. So, our firm created a new informational resource blog (http://www.h1bcapinfo.com) to provide accurate information and as-it-happens news updates on the H-1B Cap, as well as helpful tips and FAQs. Our hope is that publishing this resource as a public service will help keep individuals as well-informed as possible on this year's H-1B Cap, and help counter the rumors, speculation and misleading information that are so commonly found on the web when it comes to the H-1B Cap. As I'm sure some of your readers will benefit from this information, please feel free to share this resource with them as you deem appropriate.

Marc Topoleski
chandrashaker said…
Hi ,
I have applied for a H1-B 2009 in india,Just i want to know whether the random selection process has been completed or not till now...If so when its been conducted.Please reply me to the given mail address.
thanks in advance.
Manthan said…
hi friends

I am manthan patel from ahmedabad. I will complete my MCA in JUNE 2009.
now a company is ready to sponcer me for H1B visa.

now wht is the procedure for putting file for tht period. and when can i reach there? if anybody know abt H1B more than pls mail me on manthan009@yahoo.co.in.

Murali said…
If you complete your MCA in Jun, 2009, it would be better if you work in India for at least a couple of years before considering coming to US to work.

If there is a company ready to sponsor, they won't be able to apply for H1B until April 2010 and you may be able to come if everything goes well in October, 2010.

Be extremely cautious with any company that lure you to sponsor any earlier than that.
Roshini said…
Hi Friends,
I am Roshini from Hyderabad working in one of the CMM level 5 company since 2 yrs. Can anybody tell, how will i get H1B sponsorer so that i can go this year(2008-09)
kamal hossain said…
Hi friends,

I am Kamal Hossain from Bangladesh. I have been working as a j2ee developer for last 3 year. Now I want to apply for H1b. But I could not find any sponsor. Can any one help me or give some link of sponsors?
rachel said…

i am in US now with h4 visa status. i would like to change it to h1 b. i don't know whether this is the good time to do as economy is in crisis. I just want to know how much will be cost for applying?

thanks in advance
Murali said…
Hi Rachel,

The window to apply for new H1s begins normally on 1st of April. Cost for applying a H1B normally depends on the company size. USCIS normally release this information around this time if there is any change in filing fee. You can get more information from the attorney of the company filing for your H1.

[...] (1-25 Employees) or $1500 (more than 25 Employees) Fraud Fee: $500 Premium Processing: $1000 (from Thought Garage ? H1B 2009: How Much Does A H1B Cost? (File By Apr 1 2008)). To USCIS fees you should add the attorney fees (a couple of [...]
Suresh Chander said…
hi friends

i want to know that how much H1B Visa cost. Coz my cosin is in USA and he applied for me for H1B Visa. and my brother got approval notice and he gave interview in US Embassy and he didnt get Visa coz of some papers reason. so i want to know that how much my cosin had spent for all these processes.coz we have given 5 Lakh rupees to him.... i want to know the truth.........

mail me suresh66887@gmail.com
drae said…
can someone help where can i look for company to sponsor a h1B visa?

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