ThingLab Prints Your Prototypes in 3D

3D Model Making made easy, as simple as printing. Quite fascinating.

UK-based advanced printing firm ThingLab specializes in taking 3D virtual models and making them a reality using their special line of inkjet printers. Perfect for product design, architectural models, concept evaluation and a plethora of additional projects, ThingLab’s 3D printing provides an amazingly cost-effective modeling option when compared to the astronomical price tag that prototype-modeling can carry. Simply deliver your 3D files according to ThingLab’s guidelines and your finished model will be shipped back to you as soon as one day later. The finished products are high quality plastic models with a stunningly sharp full color finish. ThingLab’s 3D printers are available for purchase and range in price from around $25K to upwards of $100K . This is certainly outside of many budgets, hence their 3D printing services which will quickly put a one-off of a 3D model in your hands for as little as a couple hundred dollars.



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