T-Mobile's Customer Support - I hope it's true

Ryan of 37 Signals shared his recent experience with T-Mobile customer service that's so wonderful and quite unbelievable to me. Instead of waiting for about 20 minutes on the line to talk to an agent, T-Mobile's calling back the customer when they are ready is an excellent strategy of really caring about customer. I hope its not an exception but something every customer experiences with T-Mobile. 

The other two strategies, giving a specific date for resolution and automatically communicating customer once the problem is fixed are just excellent.

1. I never had to stand in line
Waiting on hold sucks. T-Mobile knows it so they gave me another option and called me back.

2. The agent cared about my problem
The girl on the line was kind, attentive, and apologetic. She made me feel like it was their problem and their responsibility. Which is exactly what I want as a customer. She also promised an update by a specific date, which eased my uncertainty.

3. When the problem was fixed, I heard it from them first
I received a text message as soon as my service was restored. That little victory SMS taught me that when they have downtime in the future, I can trust they will work quickly and notify me when it’s fixed. It’s so frustrating to repeatedly pick up the phone every half hour to see if it works. Thanks to their communication, next time I can relax and wait for the good news.

Kudos to T-Mobile for the good example.

Lessons from T-Mobile's support - (37signals)

Its a total waste of customer's time to wait on phone line for about 20 minutes every time they call to get to the agent. Thankfully, at least one company understands it. Hope they really mean it and other companies follow the suit.


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