iViz Tech Solutions : AI based Hacking, ON Demand

Quite an interesting  concept of using AI to simulate Human hacker(s) to attack a system to detect vulnerabilities and fix them.

As per my understanding, its almost an impossible task to emulate even a lay man's brain. Then is it possible at all to think like a hacker?

Hackers hired to help companies discover internal security threats may soon be out of a job.

Just ask IDG Ventures India, which pumped $2.5 million into iViz Tech Solutions, an Indian startup that promises on-demand software that does penetration testing, or simulated attacks on systems, to detect network weaknesses much in the way a hacker would.

Incubated in one of India's top technology institutes in 2005, iViz develops artificial intelligence-based products that simulate an intelligent hacker to detect the security flaws in a system or network and suggest corresponding remedies.

Company co-founders Bikash Barai and Nilanjan De, graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology–Kharagpur, say that iViz uses an innovative technology that determines the threat in a network, finds the complex multi-stage attack paths that cannot be detected by normal tools and comes up with solutions for such attacks.

iViz Tech Solutions Aims to Put Hackers Out of Work


How good is iViz Tech's technology?...

Found this this Red Herring article from this blob. The article claims that technology by the startup iViz Tech in India "Aims to Put Hackers Out of Work". The Red Herring article is a little light on details, so I looked through there website....

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