Innovative ways to retain Indian talent

Some very interesting ways Indian IT companies are trying to retain talent.

The contest for tech talent in India has intensified to such a level that employers are trying out new approaches aimed at making work life better for their people. Infosys has opened an office in downtown Bangalore so pregnant women who live closer to the center of the city don't have to commute all the way down to Electronics City on the woeful Hosur Road. Other companies are trying flextime and work-from-home strategies, as detailed in this Economic Times article. As broadband connectivity gets better throughout the country, I figure, huge masses of people will be able to start working at home. If and when this spreads to the villages, it could be truly revolutionary--part of the solution to massive migration from the villages to the cities in search of opportunity.


Suja said…
Retaining talent is certainly a big challenge that most offshore tech firms are trying hard at. While the big few may be doing well, wonder how the smaller firms are faring

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