I in India suggest Inferior or No Infrastructure? (Part 1)

No Legal and Administrative Protection to you or your  Property !!

I am not sure about other parts of India, but in Hyderabad, Bangalore and most southern parts of India that is experiencing Real estate boom, when you buy a property there is no guarantee that you can keep it.  Politicians are the new mafia. Political mafia in close ties with the police force and state administration is ruthlessly grabbing land and property from people. They even resort to killing everybody that comes in their way. There is no way you can fight. Courts don't work. Police are already part of the criminal elite.  Who else can save the hard earned money and property of Individual citizens?

What kind of a Freedom do you really have when you can't even protect yourself and your house from these hard core politician turned mafia land grabbers.

When we talk about the brave optimism and vibrant economy we tend to see the brighter part of India. But  at the core, we have no infrastructure that can sustain the growth. The essence of Infrastructure including protection of your life and property is becoming a luxury that only very rich and politicians can afford.

What India are we talking about? We all Indians have a bigger dream. But we have a really long way to go.


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