Why I love my iPhone so much..

Short answer, because it's kind of a blue print of my own dream phone.

Some time around August last year(2006), I started blogging about Cellular Lifestyles, exploring the new lifestyles today's smartphones are creating.   I drew a raw picture that capture my idea of dream mobile phone (you can guess that I am not a graphic designer, and it doesn't take more than a minute with powerpoint). I also expressed my frustration and pain of carrying multiple devices available at that time in more than one article and eagerly waiting for the domination of smart phones (multi-function). 

What I really want in a mobile

This is that crazy simple picture showing all the functionality that I always wanted in a mobile phone.

I received over 100 emails, some of them  criticizing that I am being foolish to combine everything into one device or some nicely put it as the swiss army knife approach is just not smart any more. Well, I prefer to stay foolish and stay hungry for a smart device that does all I wanted (like Steve Jobs said "Stay Hungry. Stay foolish"). I never had a clue that there is something similar is already in the making.

The iPhone

Back to the present, July 2007, I hold a phone in my hands that almost does everything I ever imagined. The  iPhone, a lovely device with a truly revolutionary interface and intutive functionality blend, that almost matches my dream phone blue print. Interface is however something I have never imagined.

I love my iPhone, not only because it is indeed my dream phone, but I admire each and every design element of iPhone, starting from its revolutionary interface to the single sheet packaging of all its accessories in such a novel box.

Read my first musings about iPhone and little emotional response. about some criticism about iPhone I couldn't take it.  When I get some time, I will write how I am enjoying the cool new features of iPhone, indeed my dream phone. 

Till then, Stay foolish, Stay Hungry and keep dreaming.


vassonline said…
Are official iphones available in INDIA??
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