Dental Tourism, outsourcing in disguise

Dental Tourism, just another form of outsourcing. Who says 'price' is not a factor when it comes to healthcare?

At least 2,544,000 people around the world will search the internet for dental treatment abroad this year, according to Reva Health Network. In June alone, 636,155 dental tourism-related searches were carried out globally by 212,051 unique users on Google, Yahoo! and MSN search engines.

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Caelen said…
We have survey about 1,000 people who have travelling overseas for Dental Treatment and although price is the number 1 reason why people decide to traveling it is low on the list of factor that affect what clinic is choosen. Basically individuals don't really care if an implant costs them $1,200 or $1,300, but they won't pay the $4,000 it cost at home

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