Going all Google

Frustrated with multiple web silo services (about 20 different websites I regularly use and ofcourse I hate to manage 20 different logins and bookmarks), I have started moving to 'All Google' services. With a single sign-on, I can access most services and the most interesting benefit is an excellent integration between different services.

And, I really did not know until today that Google has acquired Feedburner. That makes my moving to 'Everything Google' camp little closer than I thought.  

Google has acquired FeedBurner  More »

  • We are happy to announce that Google has acquired FeedBurner. For more information related to the acquisition, read our FAQ.


Source: FeedBurner

With feedburner moving to Google camp, all web services I use(except wordpress and central desktop)  are now Google services. 

  1. Search Engine: I rarely used any other search engine so far. (except for proving my point ocassionally)
  2. Google Reader : This is the second mostly used Google application on any given day after search engine. I also dumped my desktop RSS reader in favour of Google Reader. Keyboard navigation is my favorite.
  3. Gmail: This is the harder part to leave Yahoo. But Gmail is a lot better than Yahoo Mail. I love the pop access and Gmail on Mobile.
  4. Google Notebook (Zoho notebook is a fierce competitor for this, and quite a wonderful application. But for time being, I will stick to Google Notebook for most though I might use Zoho notebook aswell)
  5. Google talk
  6. Google Bookmarks
  7. Google Web Search History
  8. Google Desktop (Even at office I use Google Desktop search to look through Emails and documents)
  9. Google Calendar ( Not as good as Yahoo in some aspects, but does all I need)
  10. Google Maps 
  11. Google Docs (Docs & Spreadsheets)
  12. Google Analytics
  13. Google Photos: Picasa
  14. Google Videos + YouTube
  15. iGoogle is lot better that myYahoo.
  16. Google News
  17. Google Groups
  18. Google Finance (not as good as Yahoo but again, does what I need) and ofcourse
  19. My own search engine powered by Google to search all sites I am interested in.
  20. Feed Burner

There are still some services I can not get rid of at this point, but pretty soon I will find a replacement. Not sure what happened with Jotspot (acquired by Google). When it is integrated with other Google services, I bet Google will have almost all I want to have on web. 


Roni Segoly said…

You did not feel comfortable with different silos and you ended with one, good still but one.

Google will never improve well enough unless they feel the need to keep customers, and the moving between services is part of the fun (when you can).

For example I use public calendar, I prefer Google as well, but found out the hard way they slowly block me from outsides sources, RSS feeds and ICAL are not added as additional calendars, and yes they give me plenty of free services, but slowly they lock me in.

Any how enjoy.
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