106M Camera Phones in US, still behind Europe

Number of Camera Phone owners in US climbed to 106 Million in United States as per a press release by M:Metrics accounting to around 51% of total cell phone owners. So one in two have a phone equipped with camera.

In terms of % of subscribers, US is still behind Europe where as high as 75% of cell phone owners have a phone equipped with a Camera.


Cameraphone Penetration and Graphics Purchases: February 2007
Country Penetration % Subscribers Who Purchased Screensaver or Wallpaper % Subscribers Who Saved Cameraphone Photo as Screensaver/Wallpaper
US 51% 3.3 16.7
UK 75% 2.0 28.3
Germany 70% 2.0 20.4
France 63% 2.1 26.6
Spain 74% 2.6 31.2
Italy 69% 2.9 31.7
Source: M:Metrics, Inc., Copyright © 2007. Survey of mobile subscribers. Data based on three-month moving average for period ending 28 February 2007, n= 102,267 mobile subscribers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and US.


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