Where the hell is my package?

I would be glad and little suprised if you could decipher the following tracking information provided by USPS and tell me where is my package.

I recently ordered an item at Amazon.com on 28th Feb, 2007.  Though, the Amazon.com page said the item is available and will be shipped immediately, the item seems to have been shipped 5 days later on 5th of March through USPS. Amazon.com sent me a tracking number to track the shipment.

I looked up the information with that tracking number at USPS,  I am totally confused at the following tracking message. It says, the package was processed and left the Dallas TX 75398 facility on 7th March, 2007. I am expecting to receive the package in Dallas, TX itself. And when I looked up today, it still says the same message except that now it says 10th March, 2007. I don't have a clue where Amazon.com is shipping this particular product from. And I don't have a clue where it is currently either. 

I clicked on the 'Additional details' button and this is what I see.

This doesn't make any sense. First of all it is confusing when it said it was processed in Dallas TX itself and was enroute to Dallas TX for almost 5 days. It would have been a lot better and atleast gave me a sense of information if the message atleast identifies where the product was originally received and processed and the last city that knows about this product than 'cryptic' and yet politically and technically correct message 'enroute Dallas Tx'.

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