What Indians Are Really Searching For?

What Indians are searching for:

After learning a few concepts about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I went on to find out what are the top 10 things Indians are searching for. First place to look for that information is obviously Google. And here are the top queries in January 2007 from India. (via Google)

India - Popular Queries for January 2007

  1. indian railways
  2. cricket
  3. wikipedia
  4. sania mirza
  5. flowers
  6. air deccan
  7. aishwarya rai
  8. indian airlines
  9. cricinfo
  10. airtel
  11. ndtv
  12. salman khan
  13. katrina kaif
  14. nokia
  15. mallika sherawat

What the world is searching for in/about or around India:

If that is what Indians are searching for, let us see what the whole world is searching for in or about India (via Yahoo):

Searches done in January 2007 about India: Total:  451995

  1.  69791:india times
  2.  56280:india yahoo
  3.  51911:india railway
  4.  37447:india travel
  5.  35734:india map
  6.  34057:india sex
  7.  32657:arie india
  8.  28534:air india
  9.  25154:across eat everything india indonesia italy love one pray search womans
  10.  19506:code country india
  11.  19010:forum india
  12.  15813:india music online
  13.  13669:india news
  14.  11938:india rail
  15.  11134:india visa

Who is Searching for India:

The above numbers doesn't make any sense unless we see 'Who' is searching for India. Here we go (via Google)

These numbers are too low to draw any conclusions about what Indians are searching for or what the world is searching for in/about India. But it is very interesting to know the top search keywords around India.

I am trying to understand what Indians are really searching for and what the world is trying to find out about India. Well, search is still on..!


Vulturo said…
Interesting study. Nice blog :-)
[...] this year, I tried to gather What Indians are searching for.  The results I found were quite interesting and a few are little surprising too. Over the [...]

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