Just in time : Google Cricket Score Widget

Just in time for Cricket World Cup 2007, found a Google desktop widget that shows live cricket scores. Thanks to Google.

Its quite a surprise this time that none of India and Pakistan reached super 8s. I haven't watched Pakistan games, but watched all India games. And I felt that India didn't play a good game and well deserve the role of spectators for the rest of the tournament.

At the end of Bangladesh match, I declared that India is out of the worldcup, not that I knew they will loose against Srilanka, but I failed to notice any 'hunger' in Indian cricket team to fight and win the cup. Its an unfortunate and sad page in the annals of Indian cricket.

If there is something that I can take from it, it doesn't matter how good you are and how skillful you are, the application matters the most. There is a classic gameplan of cricket, playing the best of shots and mind-blowing deliveries and then there is a gameplan that can win games.

Wonderful and lovely cricket is still ahead with first of Super Eights coming up on tuesday, between WI and AUS.  All cricket lovers will certainly enjoy a a fighting game and so does will love the worldcup that brings the best of each team. 

My favorites for the cup, AUS again.

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Adrian keys said…
Great to at least see some effort on the Net outside of the regular sites to provide some information on such a big event. I just can't believe the virtually non-existent mainstream coverage. If it were not for the unfortunate death of Bob Woolmer, CNN and BBC would not even care, it seems, that the World Cup of Cricket is in progress.

I agree with you Australia...they will definitely take the cup. Losses to England and New Zealand recently have just made things worse for the other teams dreaming of taking the trophy home.
anish shah said…
Guys this is not new this feature was initally lauched by guruji.com
try :http://www.guruji.com/search?q=cricket

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