Wanna-be an Entrepreneur? Get Started

Nothing teaches and prepares you to take on the World better than your own experience. So don't wait. Just Get Started, the moment you think You wanna be an entrepreneur.  These are a few books, PDFs, Podcasts, Presentations etc from my notebook, I believe will be a great help to get started.

  • Get a hint about Markets:
  • See What Others Are doing:
  • Understand What it Takes:
    • The Art of The Start by Guy Kawasaki (PDF, Video)
    • Cost of BootStrapping ( PDF , MP3 )
  • Go for it:
    • Getting Real (HTML)
    • How to be Creative (PDF)
    • OnStartups (Blog)

    Its not that easy and all. But its a good start.

    Stay tuned for more. If you have a link to a resource that You think will be useful wanna-be's please add to it. ( Add as a comment or message to me).

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