Nokia Goes USB For Charging


The Nokia CA-100 allows for charging your Nokia device while using your laptop or pc.  The CA-100 is compatible with 2.0 mm charger connector of compatible Nokia devices such as the newer Nseries.



The Nokia CA-70 allows for charging as well as PC Suite connectivity and data transfer.  The CA-70 is compatible with 3.5-mm charger connector on devices such as the 6630, 6600 but can be used with  the Nokia Charger Adapter CA-44 to charge enhancements that have the smaller 2-mm charger connector such as the newer devices.

With the cable, you can connect a Nokia device provided with a Pop-Portâ„¢ connector to a computer equipped with a compatible USB port. The functions available when using the cable depend on your Nokia device and the PC software that you use with it (for example, the Nokia PC Suite).             

CA-70 supports the USB 2.0 specification. The actual data transfer speed achieved depends on the phone, used services and network properties.

Source: Darla Mack: Nokia's Introduces USB Charging Solutions


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