New PC Free Cordless Phones for Skype

More New Skype PC Free Phones, that will let you talk on Skype without a PC.

NETGEAR’s Dual-Mode Cordless Phone with Skype (SPH200D) – This dualmode DECT cordless phone simultaneously connects to a user’s home network router and phone line wall jack, enabling users to place and receive both traditional phone calls and Skype Internet calls from a single cordless handset without needing to be tethered to a PC.

Philips’ VoIP841 Cordless Phone – This advanced DECT cordless phone harnesses the power of Internet calling via Skype without requiring a PC. Winner of a CES Innovation Award for its outstanding design and best-in-class feature set, the VoIP841 allows users to make and receive both free Skype Internet calls and traditional landline calls simply by connecting an Ethernet cable and phone line to the phone’s base.

Thomson's newly announced GE DECT 6.0 Embedded Skype Residential Phone (no information link available; model no.28310EE1) which won a CES Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Showcase award.

Auvi Technologies was displaying its PHIP65 Dual Mode Cordless phone for which certification has been sought. Auvi was also displaying a prototype phone that combined traditional "dual phone" features with an iPod dock. On the competitive front I also came across Cordless CallVantage Telephones.

Yesterday RTX officially announced its new "PC-Free" DUALphone 3088 Cordless Platform which was displayed at the RTX booth; the operative word here is "platform". While the Dualphone 3088 will be available via direct retail channels in Europe, the DUALphone 3088 platform will be sold via OEM/ODM arrangements for the North American market. From today's press release quoting RTX CEO Tage Rasmussen:

Source: Skype Journal: CES 2007: Skype Hardware on Display I: PC Free Cordless Phones


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