Why I Love To See Carriers As Bit-Pipes?

Andreas Constantinou wrote an excellent write up Operators: service-pipes or bit-pipes ? analysing the current state of Carriers and their failure and confusion to create revenues out of growing internet applications and what they should really focus on.

>> Link to VisionMobile Forum :: Operators: service-pipes or bit-pipes ?

While Consulting Firms and Telecom vendors love to see Carriers become Service Pipes, atleast TRY to become service pipes, as a User I don't want my carrier to become any thing but a bit-pipe. Wish, a better and faster bit pipe. With due respect to Telecom companies, they suck when it comes to service and innovation. More over, they dictate and lobby for an expensive and lousy service than an inexpensive and innovative service.

It feels wonderful now that some smart Internet companies are FORCING to break open the walls of so called walled gardens. Users don't need Carriers to become service pipes. They would help the world much better if they just remain as bit pipes.

Why do we need Verizon, to access Youtube? And here Verizon goes and say, hey I select the videos that You gonna watch. Come on. Just provide a good internet connection on mobile at whatever price it (Verizon) wants. Leave it to users to choose what they want to watch. After all, You Tube is user generated content for users. Who the hell is Verizon to choose clips for me?

Carriers neither create content nor consume. Or they enable creating this content. Internet and smart entrepreneurs have done a monumental job of brining in new ways of interaction and content creation. Carriers better stay as bit pipes and charge to provide the best bit pipe service. I hope they will Excel atleast in that, before community, muni-WiFi and/or Foners beat them black out.

Telecom companies have done a wonderful job in proliferating internet connectivity with all those optical fiber backbone and last mile connectivity. Encore on mobile too. Focus on becoming a better bit-pipe. I hope, they do not have to develop platforms to enable new services or have them developed by 3rd parties. If they can provide No.1 internet service with a predefined QoS, Profitable services will be created in the rest of the world and DELIVERED ON INTERNET. Hey if the carriers tie up with content providers or content creation enablers, that is quite welcome. But don't take our FREEDOM. Device vendors have already opened up their API to 3rd parties. So All we need is good quality internet connection on mobile. Nothing more from carriers, with all due respect.


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