What Makes A Cellphone Truly Yours?

What makes a cell phone off the shelf truly Your Phone?

The Ringtones, faceplates, holders and your headset together can make it the faceless box off the shelf truly your OWN and speak your style.

Washington Post displays pictures of 4 different phones that are customized for Girls with rhinestones, colorful keys, tattoos and designer cases.

Technology for Girls Companies are trying to get technology in touch with its inner fashionista, marketing to women and girls by tickling them with pink phones and rhinestones. Click through some of these new designer tech toys now available.

Source: Technology for Girls (washingtonpost.com)

Browse through some of the cool products at Amazon to make your cellphone truly yours.

You can visit The Cellular Life Style Boutique for cool collection of Phones and accessories available at Amazon. The Cellular Life Style Boutique is an Amazon Affliate store bringing you the Best of Amazon in Mobile.


Even if you don't consider yourself a fashion freak, cellular phone faceplates and covers can still be for you.
sarah said…
I created a one of a kind ringtone at phone sherpa which I know no one else has...I did an awesome mix on a song my friend's band made..what an accessory!

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