On-Demand Bollywood Movies At Google

Many must have watched movies on Google Videos or YouTube, which are infact illegally copied clips from TV or CD or DVD.  But now you can watch and download movie clips and full length movies from Google Videos while keeping your head high.

BODVOD Networks announced the availability of feature films and other content on Google Video. BODVOD's content is presented under the name Saavn and available at http://www.video.google.com/saavn.

The launch includes full-length movies available for immediate download representing some of the biggest recent Bollywood hits plus exclusive promotional videos, music clips, trailers, and more.

Source: Bollywood set to scale new heights in US, Canada - India News

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[...] Die illegalen You-Tube-Dinger hat jeder schonmal mitbekommen, insbesondere Songclips geben sich da ja die Hand. Aber nun sollen auch legale Pay-Inhalte bei Google erhältlich sein. Einfach und schön, hätt ich gern. Brauch ich nur noch den passenden Player für, damit man Musikclips auch inner Bahn und so … [...]

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