N3 (Now-New-Near) Web

We seem to have a new classification of information available on the web. This time from  Rajesh Jain(Emergic)

Now Web: Now is about incremental in Time. It is about events that are happening now. 


.. news channel with its constant updates of stock indices and prices is a view on what�s happening now...


New Web: The New Web can be thought of as incremental in Topics. 


A legacy search engine will index a page, but an incremental web search engine will focus on the feeds. Feeds are the containers and carriers for microcontent.

Near Web: The Near Web can be thought of as incremental in Space. It is the Web that is around where we are physically present. It is a world of shops, malls, schools, hospitals, traffic, and much more.


Neighbourhood events can be posted on to specific pages, organised in a weblog-format. By using standardized forms to do the post, it is possible to capture the information in XML format and use a matching engine to send out alerts to people.


Source: Emergic: December 14, 2006 Archives

It looks cool to put what we already consume on the web in a different perspective if not new perspective.  

We are missing the 4th dimension, though. Networking web. Where we buid a new lifestyle around a group of people considered to be in our network. We don't share everything or interact with everybody, but with just people in our network.  We are not interested in now-new-near web of entire world, but just within our own network of people. Does it make N3 really N4 ? 


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