Gadget of Future Will Be An Everything Device

I welcome visitors to my blog with a question, "Would you like to carry an iPod, a Sony recorder, a Palm PDA, a cell phone, a digital camera, a gaming console, a GPS navigator, a jump drive, a laptop, …………….. OR a cool smart Cellular phone?". I strongly believe that Smartphone will rule the markets.

I have also posted why it is so inexpensive to buy a multi tasking phone than buying individual gadgets that can do one thing better (Busting The myth of Smartphone Market). NewYorkTimes reports about some surprsing skills that new cellphones are equpped with this Christmas, indicating the trend towards Multitasking phones instead of plain old cell phones, that can just do one thing better. You don’t need to own a smartphone or a blackberry to do multiple tasks. Almost all new phones are like smartphones that can do whatever you need. 

Now folks at Computer World says, "the pocket communication gadget of the future will be an "everything device." They reviewed RIM's BlackBerry 8100 phone and declared that it is the first of a radical new generation of smartphones.

Like today's best smart phones, the pocket communication gadget of the future will be an "everything device." At a minimum, it will function as a laptop, digital camera, video-capable media player, voice recorder, handheld, speakerphone and more.

RIM's BlackBerry 8100, the Pearl
RIM's BlackBerry 8100, the Pearl

Don't look now, but the smart phone of the future has arrived. RIM's BlackBerry 8100, the Pearl, is the first of a radical new generation of smart phones.

The Pearl is revolutionary

The impact, or importance, of every groundbreaking device for shaping the direction of mobile electronics is clear only in hindsight. It's hard to remember now, but when the radical, influential devices first shipped -- the Sony Walkman, the Palm Pilot, the RIM BlackBerry, the Apple iPod -- it wasn't immediately clear that these products would dominate their markets and influence the direction of mobile electronics.

The Pearl is just such a groundbreaking, genre-killing, trend-setting device. And although the Pearl is getting rave reviews, its full impact has not yet registered with the pundits or the public. It will. This phone is destined for fame and glory.

Source: Why the BlackBerry Pearl is the smart phone of the future

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Mary D said…
I wish it had a good voice recorder but it doesn't. Anyway the device is fantastic.

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