Doordarshan Mobile TV Trials

Doordarshan will be launching a mobile TV pilot next year with Nokia DVB-H Network.

Vendor giant Nokia announced an agreement with Indian public television broadcaster Doordarshan to launch a DVB-H mobile television pilot in early 2007. The pilot period will afford Doordarshan a window of opportunity to assess the reception quality of the DVB-H standard's broadcast coverage as well as investigate advertising models and interactive services. "DVB-H over IP based on open standards will provide a discerning mobile broadcast experience to the Indian consumer, and we are confident of its success in our country which has historically been on the leading edge of broadcast technology and content creation," Doordarshan director-general L.D. Mandloi said in a prepared statement.

Doordarshan operates India's largest free-to-air satellite television service. Its analog network covers more than 92 percent of the nation, delivering free news, sports and entertainment programming.

For more information on the Doordarshan pilot:
- read this release

Source: Nokia, Doordarshan launch DVB-H trial - FierceMobileContent

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