Broadband India : BSNL to go WiMAX

Recently I learned Bangalore Set To Beat The Silicon Valley when a Hindustan Times news item that declared Bangalore to be the second WiMAX city ahead of Silicon Valley and caused Silicon Valley to spur into action to pump up their efforts.

Now GigaOM reports an announcement by BSNL to go WiMAX to powerup six Indian cities.

Certified WiMAX took a big step forward in India today, when local incumbent Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) announced that it would roll out fixed wireless networks in six Indian cities, and will offer high bandwidth connections to corporate customers. The cities where networks would be rolled out include Kolkata (in West Bengal), Bangalore (in Karnataka), Chennai (in Tamil Nadu), Ahmedabad (in Gujarat), Hyderabad (in Andhra Pradesh), and Pune (in Maharastra).

Source: GigaOM » In India, WiMAX Takes Wings

Thats quite a wonderful news.


Arul said…
Last mile connectivity is always an issue in India. Also some of the smaller towns does not have good broadband service. For example, I am living in a town called "Karur" in Tamil Nadu state which have lots of companies doing textile business with western countries. Dataone is the only broadband service available here and also the down time is more, no consistent speed. Wimax will be a wonderful solution for the whole comunity.

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