Erasable Paper From Xerox

Every other week there will be a document review meeting, with document size ranging from 20 pages to 140 pages. Every reviewer prints the whole document and after 30-45 minutes in review, we all usually throw away the document. More over, when author revises the document, above process just repeats.  Many of us don't like to review the document online, as we all tend to prefer paper since we can mark, draw, underline, make a quick note etc. on paper, which is quite not possible online or not so intuitive. In the process we throw reams of printed paper to the trash and dry up toners pretty quick.

Well, not for long. Xerox is developing erasable paper, that can be recycled and reused in a matter of 16 hours without throwing away. Quite ideal for the above scenario of reviews. Also if you print out confidential documents, you don't have to struggle with paper shredders to make information invisible. Information on erasable paper automatically disappear. Very interesting.

The researchers now have a prototype that will produce documents on a specially coated paper with a light yellow tint.

The process works without toner and produces a low-resolution document that appears to be printed with purple ink.

The printed information on the document "disappears" within 16 hours. The documents can be reused more quickly by simply placing them in the copier paper tray.

The researchers said that individual pieces of paper had been used up to 50 times, and that the only limit in the process appears to be paper life.

Source: Xerox developing 'erasable paper' system - Technology & Media - International Herald Tribune


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