Cellular Life Styles Apart - Vol.1

'Cellular Life Styles Apart' is a collection of stories that introduces you to new and innovative ways a Cell Phone is being used. A list of real world Cellular life styles across the world.

  1. Maine Gubernatorial Race Goes Mobile : Green Independent candidate for Governor Pat LaMarche has launched a major mobile campaign a week before the election. Students and citizens of Maine were asked to text the word "Pat" and a topic (example: Pat Health Care) to the shotcode 30644. Later that day Pat spoke at the University of Maine in Orono where her speech based on the top three topics that students and Maine citizens sent to her via text message. [ Source:Personal Democracy Forum]
  2. Cell Phone Voting in a Debate: You must have heard about American Idol voting on cell phones. And many other contests around the world use a similar voting method. But not in political debates so far. Pat Lamarche (Green Independent Gubernatorial Candidate in Maine) has again create a history for Cell Phone voting in Politics. At the debate at the University of Maine, Pat asked the audience in her closing statement to use their cell phones to vote for who they think won the debate. "Using your mobile phone" she stated, "text “pat” to 30644." Those that did received a text message ballot back asking them to reply with the corresponding number of the candidate they thought won the debate. This is the first time an instantaneous poll has been taken using “American Idol” style voting techniques in a political campaign. [Source: MoPocket]
  3. Gamble on Mobile to Earn a Free Flight: European airline Ryanair was eagerly planning to support a business model of free flights with gambling revenue by offering them the ability to gamble on their mobile phones as they fly. [ Source: Techdirt Wireless ]


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