Zyka in Atlanta

Zyka Restaurent in Atlanta GA. I have never seen such a crowd in any of the Indian/IndoPak restaurents so far. It just reminded me my days at Bangalore and made me instantly homesick. I visited Zyka in Richardson, but it was quite different. The differences are quite striking with the Zyka in Richardson,TX. First and foremost is the crowd.

  • In Atlanta You have to wait atleast for 15 minutes at any point of time to get a seat. Many people easily give up their search for seat and eat standing or take home. In Richardson, there is no such problem. I never waited for more than a minute to place order. Seating is always avaialble. It is slightly bigger, looks like. But there is far lesser crowd here.
  • You see people come of the shells and be truly Indians for some time. I mean... you know. While getting to the counter to order or getting an empty table, if you wait in line like an obedient child, you are good to stay in line forever. I mean, quite frankly there is no line. People are quite afraid of going in lines, because they can not trust each other. So, they do what they are good at. I recently saw again such a mad rush and exuberant display of true intentions at Diwali Mela, at Texas Stadium in Irving. Some thing, I will never be part of and proud of.
  • Food is much better in Richardson. May be because of lesser crowd.


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