Typo or Perfect Marketing Message?

Some times it doesn't make sense to buy just one. Or quite expensive to buy just one. Found at a Old Navy outlet in Grapevine,TX.

Perfect Tees, now 2 for $10. Or $10.50 each.

Is it a typo or perfect marketing trick to get rid of their stock? 


Nice catch. "2 must be purchased to receive promotional price ..at.". What does that rest of the part in the fine print say?
BTW Murali, I hate to play the role of grammar police but since you said "I appreciate hitting a few keys if you have some things to yell about.", I thought I'd drop this note.
I hope you'd not mind but there are a few typos on the "about" page which you might want to take care of. - woule, phisics, previlege
Murali said…
I don't recall the exact message in fine print, but it was some thing in the lines of 'subject to availability.. on limited items only'.

Thank you very much for the note about spell check.

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