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Satellites deliver UV index via SMS

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 60,000 deaths are caused annually by excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. In 'Satellites help ensure safe sunning,' the European Space Agency (ESA) reports that a new service using its satellites can deliver the UV index to your cellphone via SMS. The Happy Sun Mobile (HSM) service also will advise about how to protect you and send you details about sea surface temperature and sea water transparency if you plan to dive. So far, the service is limited to Sardinia and Tuscany, Italy, but several operators will start to use it next summer.

Below is a screenshot of what you could see on your cellphone if you have access to the Happy Sun Mobile service. (Credit: Flyby, HappySun service provider)

[ Source : ZDNet ]

Yobbos? Just hit E for Eject

SPECTATORS at this summer's Ashes Test at the SCG may be able to use mobile phones to have troublemakers kicked out. Cricket Australia yesterday confirmed it was considering a proposal to have fans text message a security hotline to have unruly fans removed.

The dob-in-a-yob system would allow fans who felt threatened by misbehaving patrons to anonymously dob them in without fear of reprisal.  The dob-in-a-yob hotline has been used successfully in the UK to have football hooligans punted from soccer matches.

Patrons can send an SMS to a security number, which is displayed on the venue's big screen and on the back of tickets. Offended parties must include the nature of the offence as well as a location. Once the message is received, stadium security use CCTV cameras to zoom in on the area and see if the complaint is legitimate.

The text hotline is expected to be introduced at the Gabba for the first Test.

[ Source :, Smartmobs ]

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