Overhead Projector for Mobile Phone

When I first read this on SMS Text News, I thought the Overhead Projector allows you to connect your mobile phone directly to show the Mobile screen. It serves the same purpose but slightly differently. Instead of directly taking output of Mobile device, it capture the mobile screen just like we see it and then projects it like an image. Just like an Old and traditional over head projector which you use to project your hand-written paper in a class room. Only more powerful to capture the screen of a mobile device.  Nevertheless quite useful for capturing snapshots of your mobile phone and making presentations.

Source: http://tomshardware.co.uk/2006/10/02/project_a_phone/

Project-a-Phone, a company that makes products for projection of cell phone screens, today announced the launch of the ICD-5000 Image Capture and Display system. The ICD-5000 allows cell phone owners to display the content on their mobile screen to a computer, monitor, or projection screen.

Much like devices that teachers and professors use to display a calculator screen to an entire class, the ICD-5000 physically clamps onto and hovers over a cell phone or PDA screen and connects to a PC via a USB cable. Users can then project that image to a projector or monitor. It can also be used to record demonstrations of cell phones for later viewing and sharing.

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