Dial M for Mobile Music

When I first posted my visualization of  features that will be part of today's mobile phone, many of you agreed, though with little hesitation and suspicion. Some of you were even reluctant to agree that even some of them will be part of mobile at all.

But there are so many of us who believe that if not all, most of them will be soon part of mobiles. For example, read, what Bose, the best known brand for Sound Quality says in its October Newsletter article 'Dial M for Music: Todays Cell Phones Go Way Beyond Hello" about  today's Mobile Phone.

"Can you guess which of these is not on the feature list of one of today's most popular cell phones?

MP3 music player; Digital still camera; Video games; Text messaging; Calculator, with currency converter; Alarm clock; GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) service; Speakerphone; Phone book; Note pad; Calendar; Online music store access

Actually, the phone in question has all of these features ... and many more. For example a voice recorder, 25 polyphonic ringtones, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, a video recorder, Web access, streaming audio and video capabilities. And it all fits into an impossibly compact package.

It wasn't that long ago that a telephone was practically a piece of furniture, thick as a brick and heavy enough to double as the "blunt instrument" in murder mysteries. Now, though, a cell phone user can dangle a six-ounce cell phone from his fingertips and call it "bulky." Such is the magic of technology today. "

Read on the full article here: Dial M for Music: Todays Cell Phones Go Way Beyond Hello

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