Video on Mobile is hot, but users want it free!

Video on Mobile is hot. Many of us love to watch short video clips like movie trailers, high lights of games, personal videos etc., on Mobile. The president of MTV, Van Toffler, says MTV and its properties streamed more than 2 million videos on Verizon’s Vcast service in March alone. Listen to Van Toffler's key note address at CTIA Wireless 2006 how MTV is spearheading video on Mobile by launching several content formats world wide.

And many main stream news studios like CNN and ABC are joining the frenzy by offering headlines and top stories as videos distributed on Mobile phones. They have already reached broad user base by video podcasts through iTunes and likes.

And as per research by Jupiter 25% of consumers want to watch Live TV and video clips on their Mobiles but only 1% are ready and willing to pay the subscription fees. But that will definitely change with the content.  Jupiter also says that only 11% of mobiles will be Video capable in 2006. Again this will change very fast once right content is launched, as users will soon start demanding a video capable phone and network service. 

About 40% of people are using their Mobile as the primary device to take pictures. And pretty soon, mobile will be used to capture short videos and share them instantly with their loved ones. Not only devices are maturing but many carriers are deploying 3G networks that are capable of video downloads and uploads.

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