UK Leads in Mobile Music, US in Ringtones

As per a Press Release by M:Metrics on 12th September, 2006, UK reports the highest percentage of Mobile Subscribers who use their Mobile device as their Music Player.

At three percent, the volume of British mobile music consumers is higher than the Spanish (2.8 percent), U.S. (0.7 percent) and German (1.4 percent) audiences

The report cites 'dearth of devices' as the key barrier for wider adoption of mobile phone as music player. So, I believe new phones like 'Chocolate' which is Music Player + Mobile, and rumoured Cell phone iPod from Apple are going to change the scene and we will see more and more subscribers dancing to the tunes from Mobiles.

Read the press release here. You can also download a PDF version of the release.

The report also includes data about Ring Tones consumption, and US leads the ringtones market with a 10.4% penetration followed by Spain with 8.9%.  Also Read how we are using Mobile Content and Applications. In US, SMS is still the mostly used Mobile Application. But Mobile Games are picking up fast.

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