Smart Phone is the Key to Content World

At 'The Cellular Life Style', we strongly believe that devices play a very crucial role in the success of Mobile in redefing the Life Style. It is fundamental and very important for users to think of Mobile as multi-utility device than just a simple phone. Once the Cell phone becomes a part of every thing we do, we want to do everything in our world with or on mobile. This explains why US mobile-is-just-for-voice lags far behind Europe's Mobile Life Style.  Our key question on the main page puts this belief in proper context:

Would you like to carry an iPod, a Sony recorder, a Palm PDA, a cell phone, a digital camera, a gaming console, a GPS navigator, a jump drive, a laptop, …………….. OR a cool smart Cellular phone?

Recent M:Metrics press release clearly substantiate our belief with numbers from various markets. M:METRICS: WILL SMARTER PHONES DRIVE CONTENT CONSUMPTION?released on 10th July, 2006 finds that,

"while smart-phone owners comprise a small percentage of the overall population of mobile phone users, large percentages of smart-phone users are consuming mobile content. Contrary to popular belief, those carrying these powerful devices are not using them exclusively for productivity applications, but are also using them to view mobile video, play mobile games and listen to mobile music in addition to using them for personal e-mail and wireless Web access"

Compared to the average mobile phone subscribers, smart-phone owners are avid users of mobile multimedia

Read the full report by M:Metrics here.

While many users may not see a need or think they may not use all applications at this point, Smart phones and/or cell phones that will combine atleast 4 or more utilities into a single device will hold the key to content on mobiles.

Also, at a recently held CTIA conference, CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2006 over 300 exhibitors showcased their products that are promised to provide the key to success of mobile content. While many believe that Content and applications drive Mobile market, no one is certain how it will evolve and what kind of applications or content will be in demand. While there is NO clear answer to this question on applications and content, a capable device and a supporting network is essential for us to consume any kind of content.

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