MSNSearch is #1 and above Google and Yahoo

Nope, I did not conduct any performance tests or conducted any surveys about the top search engines. I just read a blog posting at Marketing Shift that declares MSN Search as #1 as per Google search results.

Curious and surprised to see that result, I searched again in Google, Yahoo and MSN Search engines for key word search. We have been waiting for a long time to have a search engine that give the results based on 'relevance' and meaning of what you are searching rather than the keyword as part of an URL. But the wait it still on. No search engine has any relevance. All look at the keyword in the URL and some other goofy algorithm to turn them up. So, the keyword in the URL still rules. Here are the results: 

Yahoo just followed the suit, with little more amusement. tops followed by overture and MSN Search.

MSN is definitely above Yahoo and Google in both Yahoo and Google search engines. But let us see how much MSN believes in itself as the target for search keyword.

So, don't know what these search engines are up to, when it comes to 'search', their bread and butter.    


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