Mobile TV grew 45% in Q2-2006

As per the inaugural Mobile TV Diary Report released by Telephia on 11th September, 2006, Mobile TV Audience grew 45% to 3.7 Million subscribers in Q2-2006. Total quarterly Mobile TV revenues increased to $86 Million in last quarter which is 67% increase over the last quarter.

As per the release, Subscribers are using  the 'Third Screen' primarily for news, weather reports and sports updates.  ABC news was the most watched TV Channel in Q2-2006 while the Weather Channel, Fox Sports and ESPN follows.

The Weather Channel is accessible to 82% of the subscribers, but only 45% of those are viewing the channel. CNN tops in this category. CNN is currently available only to 18% of total Mobile subscribers, but 65% of those who have access to CNN are watching CNN. ABC News, the most watched TV on Mobile, is accessible to 78% of the subscribers and 55% of those users are watching ABC news.

Read the original rankings by Telephia, 1. Mobile TV Channels Ranked by Share of Total Audience and 2. Mobile TV Channels Ranked by Coverage Area Reach) in its release here.

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