Mobile Search - Where is the Money?

Nokia recently announced that Yahoo search will become an integral part of the Nokia Mobile Search application on all Nokia NSeries Multimedia computers and Nokia S60 devices. Earlier in the year, Motorola announced to include Google search and Yahoo Go Mobile services on its Mobile devices. 

These two announcements from the top two Mobile Device manufacturers and the top 2 search engines, surely are giving enought hints that they consider Mobile search as the next best thing to do. But I am wondering who makes money with these services and how?

Customers will be happy to install or have them pre-installed on their mobiles so that they can search better and quicker whatever they need right from their mobiles. But how does Google or Yahoo make money from the search.  Will they display contextual ads just like they do oo the desktop?  Do they expect consumers to click on the ad to go to the website of the advertiser and purchase some stuff? Will consumers like to see advertisements on their mobile downloaded at the expense of their air time? Or Google and Yahoo just don't insert any ads in the search results and just let the users enjoy free?

Atleast for now, there are no ads in the search results. For now, we can say that Google, Yahoo, Nokia and Motorola are just interested in creating a nice and useful experience to its customers. Could not believe it? Just wait. They will find a way to monetize their services. Hopefully in a less obtrusive and at no expense to the user.

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