Why 73% of people hate to browse on Mobile

U.K.'s The Register reports some surprising results of a survey of 1500 U.K. consumers, commissioned by hosting firm Hostway.

Despite investment by operators in services such as i-mode and Vodafone Live, 73 per cent of respondents to a new survey said don't access the net from their mobile. Slow-loading pages (38 per cent) and navigation difficulties (27 per cent) were among the reasons cited why people would rather hook up to the net using a PC rather than a phone. A quarter (25 per cent of sites were unavailable to those with mobile phones.

Key Reasons why 73% of people prefer not to access internet on their Mobile phones are:

  1. Too expensive to browse internet on mobile
  2. Too difficult to navigate through pages.
  3. Not comfortable to read the web content that is meant for desktop browsers on a tiny mobile browsers
  4. Download time is too high and tiresome
  5. Applications they want to access are not available

Also, most people want to access maps than reading news and blogs on Mobile. Seperate content for mobiles,  developed keeping the constraints of a browser on the mobile might save the frustration of consumers.

If not for Data applications, wirless carriers have little opportunity to survive in the markets leave alone making profits, considering the fact that voice already almost became a commodity. So carriers, hurry up with Data applications that are light weight, easy to use and most importantly apps that one wants to access on the mobile.


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