What do you want from your Mobile?

If you haven't noticed, the mobile we knew of is gone. Today, we CAN take  pictures, record video, access email, browse internet, download music, watch TV, use cell phone as a smart card, pay at a shop, listen to podcasts, write your blog and the list goes on almost endless. 

But, here is glimpse of what today's Mobile can do or have. You can carry all those gadgets seperately if you love to. Or you can carry Just Your Mobile that does all of them. We love to call having a mobile that does all these and a lot more, 'The Cellular Life Style', a mobile centric world.

Luckily many mobiles available today have most of the features. For some like Video, not all current networks support the speed for an effective use and an enjoyable experience. But the networks are pretty close to getting an upgrade. So, that will not be a factor any more. Get a cool mobile and enjoy the life style.

What do you think? What do you want from Your Mobile ? A plain old glorified cordless phone or a magical widget that does all you need (and a lot more awaiting)?  What kind of features or facilities are you looking for in a mobile. Do you see any benefits in a  mobile centric lifestyle? 

Leave us a comment about what you think. We will have more on what specific feature set is currently available in each market with each service provider. Stay tuned. You can subscribe to our RSS Feed or subscribe by Email (provided by Feedburner) by entering your email address at the bottom of this page. You can also send an email to inspions@gmail.com with any suggestions and topics that you want to cover. Thanks for visiting 'The Cellular Life Style'. We hope you will enjoy reading it and get relevant information that you can use to your advantage, to have more fun and to enjoy your mobile life style.


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