Snapshot of Andhra Pradesh

  1. Population: 79.7 million (2006).
  2. Capital: Hyderabad (est. population, 6 million 2006).
  3. State GDP: US$59.1 billion (2004/05).
  4. State GDP growth rate: 9.8 per cent (2004/05).
  5. Largest producer of rice in Southern India.
  6. Ranked second in the number of industrial estates.
  7. Base for nearly one quarter of IndiaĆ¢€™s software professionals.
  8. Second largest minerals base.
  9. Largest exporter of pharmaceuticals.
  10. Hyderabad is the number one ranked centre for IT enabled services in India.

IT is definitely getting better in Andhra Pradesh (look at bullets 7 and 10) and GDP growth (Growth: $5.79B, GDP:US$59.1 billion)is slightly better than Karnataka (Growth: $5.05B GDP: US$43.17 billion).



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