Nettlinx launches VOIP service in Andhra, India

2 cents ( Rs.1) per minute to make international calls to US, Canada and Europe from Andhra Pradesh, India is quite irresistible !!  All you need is a broadband connection and phone unit. Visit the service website, 'Matallo' for more information on rates and information about plans available.

Calls to other states in India is not yet approved and provided by Nettlinx at this time as per the news report.

Hyderabad-based Internet service provider Nettlinx, in association with Smart IMS, a US-based corporation is coming out with its VoIP services across Andhra Pradesh under the brand name of ‘Matallo’, which means ‘In Words’ in Telugu.

Under the new initiative, Nettlinx will provide VoIP services with the help of special ‘Matallo’ VoIP phones that will enable the users to communicate to various international destinations  via the IP network of Nettlinx, according to Manohar Loka Reddy, director of Nettlinx.

The company will be rolling out various models of phones such as ‘Matallo Home’, ‘Matallo Enterprise’ for voice and also ‘Matallo Videophone’ that offers a high-clarity video stream helping the callers to be over a video call and also conduct video conferences.

The company is looking at a subscriber base of between 50,000 and one lakh in the first year. It expects to expand up to 8-10 lakh subscribers in three years. While the company charges Re 1 (2 cents) per minute for long distance calls to the US, Canada and Europe, it offers phone-to-phone calls free of charge.

(News at Business Standard)


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