Indus Cafe - Truly Fresh and delicious Indian food

Good news for Dallasites, who are craving for a fresh not frozen(I truly mean it), authentic and delicious Indian kitchen. I noticed a small cafe, called 'Indus Cafe' while driving on Coit Rd, went to try out. Its absolutely fresh and delicious and served really hot !!!. No wonder, in the last 3 weeks, I have gone there 5 times.

There are few things that set this small Cafe apart from other Indian kitchens.

  • All items are fresh, truly fresh. Not frozen. So you can enjoy for the first time truly fresh and served really really hot. (absolutely no microwave heated up food). I love the samosas (favorite Indian snack)in particular. For the first time in 3 years in Dallas, I felt at home. Remember, you can not hide them from guests if you take them home. The fresh aroma of peas khurma is so good that your guest know from the parking lot that you got Samosas.
  • And your order is just made when you order it. You may think, why is it special and new, just with Indus cafe. Do you think Every Indian kitchen prepare on your order. I am sorry, but You are Wrong !!! Not in every Indian restaurent, your order is prepared when you order it. In most, your order is only heated up or decorated when you order, and most of the dishes are fresh from freezer. Not with Indus cafe. I can vouch for it.
  • Many of us (Indians) and foreigners wanted to taste authentic Indian food, not americanised  Indian food. But, unfortunately you don't get authentic Indian food in most places. Particularly you will never get it in Claypit (it really sucks). The taste I found it at Indus Cafe is pretty close. If you don't believe in me, try their Madras Coffee, or those soft and mouth watering Idly or truly spicy Masala Dosas.
  • When you go to any Indian restaurent, who do you find in the Kitchen. Indians? No, Not Indian chefs in most cases. Then how can you expect delicious and authentic Indian dish without even having an Indian cook in their kitchen?  I see an Indian chef at Indus Cafe's kitchen. And you can feel it in the taste. 

Along with a lots of varieties of Indian snacks and bakery, they also have an excellent Lunch and Dinner varieties. Its not a big place, and just had I guess 4/5 tables. But food is hmmmm Yummy !!   

It is at 2411 Coit Rd, Plano Tx 75075. You may order on phone (469-467-9525) and pick up a little later. Since they prepare fresh just when you order it, you might have to wait for longer times. So order from home on phone and go there after a while to pickup or eat out.

Don't think I own this place or have any relation to this Cafe. My only relation is I am a big fan of it. I just loved it and so want to share this good news with people who are craving for fresh, authentic and delicious food.

Try it out and I hope you would like it too !


Sanju said…
Hi ,
We happened to stumble upon Indus cafe,by pure chance.
We totally agree with every point you have stated..In fact, there are days when my husband and I decide we will try a different restaurant but ultimately we land up at Indus cafe! Its absolutely addictive:) Another good point is that there are no timings when they will stop serving a particular you don't have to rush to grab a bite. The food is always fresh and hot and has NEVER let us down! Our favourite is the Chicken Malai Saagwala. The pastries are delicious,too! And we love the samosas
Glad to find someone else who discovered this gem..
Jim said…
Your review is appreciated.

Recently my wife and I were in Brampton, Ontario, Canada over the holidays. While there, we stumbled across Madras Dosa Hut (featuring Indian music videos on a big screen TV). That was our first experience ever with having dosa. The menu's focus was (understandably) on dosas, as there was one page with (as a guess) some 30 different choices. We ended up having the dried fruit dosa, and it was unbelievably good. Their vegetable samosas were pretty awesome, too. We enjoyed it so much, we went back a second time before the end of our vacation.

So naturally we're looking for something local to Plano, and with the help of your review, it seems we've found it. :-) Thanks!
David Huff said…
I'm obviously commenting almost a year after this was posted, but I found your review of Indus Cafe via a Google search on it. Very interesting, and I agree completely (as well as I can, not being from India myself ;)

Indus Cafe is one of my favorite lunch places in Plano, and several Indian co-workers of mine have deemed it both good and authentic. My team at work also appreciated the box of assorted cookies & pastries I brought back from their bakery last time.

Darn, now I'm hungry for it again. Guess where I'm going for lunch tomorrow...
George M said…
I work in the same office suite as the Indus Cafe, and I'm trying to get my co-workers hooked along with me. The staff is really helpful when it comes to finding a dish that fits your tastes, even if you have absolutely no background in Indian Cuisine (like me). I just tried the Vegetarian Puff, along with a Shrimp Curry over rice and dipped with Naan, and it was all amazing. There are also several options for people with special dietary needs (no animal products, no lactose, etc). What a great place!
Krishna said…
I completely agree with all the reviews. Do anyone know of the original ownrer? I forgot his name, but I've heard that he was responsible for opening most indian restaurants and Indian grocery stores in and around Plano. Almost all the businesses he had ever owned had been very successful and still remain many's favorite.

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