Alltel to begin Mobile Podcasting in USA

A life style apart. On 8th of August, 2006 Alltel Wireless, one of the top US Wireless operators in association with Melodeo launched Axcess Mobilcast service that enables Alltel customers to listen to podcasts on their mobile for a monthly subscription price of $3.99.

Users can not only get main stream podcasts from the likes of NPR and CNN but also podcasts from independent podcasters around the world. At the time of release, there are around 2500 podcasts were available with the Axcess Mobilcast repository at users disposal.

More details at Alltel Wireless web site on Axcess MobilCast here.

If you are using one of the following phones from Alltel, then you can start listening to podcasts on your Mobile: Kyocera KX5 (Slider Remix), LG AX355, LG AX390, LG AX4750, LG AX5000, LG UX4270, LG VX3200, Motorola V3c (RAZR), Motorola V710, Motorola e815, Motorola razr (V3C)

Note that Alltel is still following a walled garden approach, meaning that Alltel users can not listen to whatever they like, but what ever is available. The number 2500 podcasts looks good, but if its not in that list, then you can not listen to.

Many still ask the same question, why would one pay $3.99 to listen to podcasts on mobile? and quite skeptical about the service. They think we have an iPod to do so. Ofcourse, you can carry an iPod for music, PDA for organizer, portable TV for watching clips ..........., didn't we warn you that still many don't understand 'The Cellular Life Style'?


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