Upbeat India - Entrepreneurial dreams becoming reality

More news items and articles are pouring in, indicating the upbeat trend for startups and innovation in India. We will definitely see more new coverage as venture capitalists are either travelling regularly to India or have already camped in India.

  • Time magazine recently discussed in its coverpage story, "India Inc. - Why the world’s biggest democracy is the next great economic super power - and what it means for America".

  • And there is a USA today's news story, "Immigrants from India spread business success to homeland".

  • Yesterday I saw an article on silicon beat 'Ram Shriram: Things looking bubbly in India'. This article has links to many other resources talking about venture funding movingt to India.

".. Venture capital firms and private investors last year poured $2.2 billion into 146 start-ups in India -- compared with $1.7 billion invested in 71 deals in 2004, reports USA Today, citing data from TSJ Media's Venture Intelligence India Roundup,.."

  • Read about some new startups in web2.0 space at http://www.webyantra.net/ where Amit ranjan is profiling Indian web products & services.

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